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​When you have a private party, we run a variety of games.  A typical party will go over the rules, how to get in, get up and get out of the ball and then you'll have the first round to get used to Knocking around!  We will then start rotating through the games. We will play different games depending on the age and athletic ability of most of the players in your group. All games are played in the bubbles.  

Bubble soccer is soccer in bubbles. There are no goalies, and yes, this is a contact sport! You can stop your opponent from making a goal by taking the opponent out!  

Our relay obstacle race includes a flip, but don't worry, we'll show you how and it's not scary after you do it the first time. Your head is inside the bubble so you won't get hurt!

Red Rover is two teams that call one of their opponent on over.  That opponent comes over by trying to knock down one or more of the other team and they go back to your team, you fail and you stay on their team.  This can be a really quick game or a really long game depending on the competitive nature of the group!

Last Man Standing is an everyone for themselves game where the last man standing is deemed the winner!

Football is a fun game where one of the players on the team IS THE FOOTBALL and he/she is protected by the team to make his/her way down the field.

Capture the flag is a team sport where the goal is to take your opponents flag from one end of the field to the other, if you get knocked over while completing the task, you need to drop the flag and a teammate or the opposing team can retrieve it.  This is a knockdown good time.

Musical hula hoops is a version of Musical Chairs with the knockdown factor added in.

We are always inventing and changing games so you might get to play something different!

Knockerball Smash

the difference between open play and a private party

Welcome to Knockerball SMASH in Chesterfield Mall.  There are a few major differences between open play and a private party.  Private parties have games.  Besides the warm up, most of the private party is spent playing games, unless you choose not to.  Descriptions of the games are all listed below, including bubble soccer. A private party also means you are on the field by yourself, there's no sharing.  In most cases, you have the facility privately also. Private parties work well for groups of 8 or more.  Open play works for groups of 12 or less and can have as many as 14-15 on the field at a time.

Knockerball SMASH Bubble Soccer open play bookings can be made by phone the day before play up to 2 weeks before play.  The open play schedule is posted on our website about a week prior.  You can reserve your Knockerball scheduled play time up to one hour prior to the start time by clicking on the red button at the top of the page.  Online reservations are the only way to get a same day reservation.  Walk-ins are always welcomed during posted open play times but please realize without a reserved booking you might have a wait.  We always recommend that you have your time booked ahead of time for groups of 6 or more.

Ages and Heights:  We have 4 different sized balls and welcome players from ages 3-73.  

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knockerball smash unique FUNDRAISING ideas


​Do you need to raise money for your sports team, your mission trip, or a charity?  Do you like to have fun while raising money?  I think we have the perfect answer.

Your group sells tickets for people to play Knockerball.  Tickets are for one people, 30 minutes, for $9, regular price is $10. Your group will receive $4 for every ticket you sell.  These tickets can be used during any open play session at any of the 3 locations. If you sell 50 tickets we will set up a night where you can get some or all of the people that purchased together for 2 hours of play for just your group. If someone can't make it that night they can use their ticket at another time.

Want to get started?  Call Jennifer at 636-206-2442 or fill out the contact us form online.

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